Below is a list of IcB Admins 

IcB Stalker Executive Admin  
IcB Boogie Executive Admin  
IcB NipNap Executive Admin  
IcB ThunderStruck Executive Admin  
IcB Mojo Executive Admin  
IcB Spec Executive Admin  



Admins Position    
IcB $ketch Senior Admin  IcB Austin  Senior Admin
IcB DeadPool Senior Admin  
IcB Some Guy Name Chris Senior Admin    
IcB PoP Senior Admin    
IcB JoyStick Senior Admin    
IcB a><eGrinDer Senior Admin    
IcB bLINK Senior Admin    
IcB Azteka
Senior Admin    
Admins Position Admins Position
IcB Sophie
Jr. Admin IcB MRK Jr. Admin
IcB Hank Jr. Admin    
IcB IcB Kenshin
Jr. Admin IcB Whiteboy
Jr. Admin 
IcB Crazy German
Jr. Admin IcB Adester Jr. Admin 
IcB Gimmyocornbread Jr. Admin IcB Tatic
Jr. Admin 
IcB Knochenfabrik Jr. Admin IcB RekaB
Jr. Admin 
IcB RatedR Jr. Admin  IcB Intimidator Jr. Admin 
IcB Smegol Jr. Admin IcB MonGoose Jr. Admin  
IcB Chooey Jr. Admin    
IcB SaTChFaN Jr. Admin    
IcB RIGGS Jr. Admin    
IcB Tundra Jr. Admin    
Missing In Action:      
IcB IcB Crabby       
IcB Peaches      
IcB The ChiaGod       
IcB Frogger       
IcB kookedGoose
Star-Killer aka RAZ *Said his playing skills were just as good as the other Admins so he      should not have to wait the recruitment period.


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